Saturday, April 30, 2016

classic rock

I love classic rock music. When growing up in the Philippines, I listened to many classic rock artist and sang their songs as karaoke. It is unfortunate that there are not many artists today who try to harness the classic rock sound. However, it is good to know that there are products like the Dimarzio distortion pickup that make it possible to recreate classic guitar rifts just like so many artists did during the 80s and 90s. Hopefully, with a bit more research I can identify some good musicians who know how to make their instruments sing.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I am proud that our daughters are all interested in the arts. Our oldest plays both piano and violin. The next oldest child plays piano and the recorder. The third oldest is interested in the guitar. Although it can be a burden to get them all to their respective instructors and classes throughout the week, it is at least as rewarding to watch them flourish in their newfound talents. One thing that is equally exciting is the fact that there are extraordinary deals available four such renowned instruments as the gibson sj 200, which is practically an American classic.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Last minute shopping for Christmas

In the past, there were certain instruments that I never really thought about very often. However, as my kids have begun to have music instruction in school, both they and I have been exposed to a wide range of instruments that I consider to be rather exotic. In any event, my kids have had both formal and informal music instruction. Perhaps, not surprisingly, they have developed an affinity for certain instruments. Before that happened, I could never have imagined myself buying a banjo, but now, all I can think of is all the fun we could have with one.

Miss Universe

Philippines are not wealthy enough to pay just to get a crown. If we can do that, then we would have done that for the previous years! Philippines have always been top 5 of Miss Universe if you try to back track. We've been fair enough and I don't think you have to doubt the results! Isn't it obvious that Ms. Philippines deserves the crown? She might not be the prettiest or the sexiest but this is not all about beauty and bodies my dear people. Ms. Philippines are beautiful and she obviously nailed the Q&A portion! It was the sincerest and amazing answer among all. That what's make her different from the others. Why hate her? It's not her fault to win! Congratulations to Ms. Philippines as Ms. Universe 2015! We are so proud of you!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

manipulate the sound

I believe the digital revolution has forever changed the way that musicians make music. With a quality USB interface for your electric guitar or keyboard, you can manipulate the sound output in real time. Although I can appreciate the nostalgia for the old analog recording practices, I do not believe there is any question that products like the apogee gio have revolutionized sound recording and production. The sound effects, recording functions and headphone output are all invaluable features. I can hardly imagine today's musician going without a USB interface for instrument recording. The product is a must-have.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

colors and styles

I have hardwood floors on two out of the three levels of my home. The upper floor consists of all oak, while the main floor is a combination of oak and Brazilian cherry. Although we installed the cherry floors only a few years ago, now they play a significant role in setting the character of our home. With so much hardwood, my husband and I have always placed a lot of thought in selecting appropriate area rugs for the various rooms of our home. For each of our living room, family room and dining rooms, we purchased rug sets to ensure that the various areas tie together well. We also carefully considered the colors and styles to ensure that the overall decor remained bright and cheerful. This approach worked very well for us during the past several years. After more than seven years in our home, however, we have begun to shop for replacement rugs to update the look of our home. We found a great online source of high quality rugs at The site offers area rugs and runners in various shapes and sizes. Thus, I am confident that we will have no trouble finding some very nice rugs.


I wonder what happens when a violin or guitar player breaks the strings of her instrument. I have seen a guitar player stringing her instrument, but I have never seen a violin player do so. I think this is because replacing thunder horse may require more precise tuning to recreate the original tonal quality of the instrument. Of course, I could be wrong, but I understand that a violin is a more precise instrument than a guitar or other string instrument and requires a lot more care to maintain.