Saturday, August 23, 2014

Get your goal before the summer ends.

My baby is now two years old and I have been exercising. My goal this time is to lose weight before summer ends. I know it’s hard to lose weight in only a few months but if you if you really try hard and use different kind of equipment like yoga block or yoga ball I think is not that hard to lose weight. And of course you should determine yourself of food you eat.

Monday, July 21, 2014

circle of friends

Sometimes this world must be twisted for others and could be the most wonderful world to the rest of us at the same time. Yesterday, you were just enjoying your time with the love of your life but today she /he is with your friend(best friend, co- worker ,mutual friend , neighbor). I'm so sorry , it must be painful to see someone you loved being with someone you thought as a friend. Let them be, at least she/he is dating someone you already ,.its called "circle of friends". Let's just hope they will stay together forever and not date the rest of your friends...hahaha..(just kidding) , be happy for them:-) No offense if you are dating your friends ex:-) or your friend is currently dating your Ex but this status is not for you , so chill . I'm just sharing a bit of how I feel for my friend who found out that an ex is dating one of our Friends now.

 Guest post by my friend

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My small granden in our backyard.

It is always good when you plant something because at the end of the day you can harvest of what you plant. This summer I planted basil leaves and zucchini and bitter-gourd in (Tagalog is amplaya). Having garden in the summer time its really helpful because you can save some cash for your groceries budget.
My second oldest daughter is looking at my zucchini vegetable fruits and my oldest daughter is looking at the camera.
This is my small garden where you can see my bitter gourd and basil leaves and zucchini and I am not sure if you can see my bell pepper.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Its about time to buy school supply

At the beginning of the school year, I was surprised to learn that our older daughter's school supply list included headphones. I cannot imagine what students would need with headphones in school. Anyway, my husband gave our daughter a pair of old headphones that he had, but unfortunately they did not last. Thus, we are now in the market for new headphones. As we want to get the best quality headphones, we are focusing on musician. Although I thought they would be expensive, my husband explained that a good pair could cost as little as twenty or thirty dollars. Thus, I hope that we are able to find a good pair for our daughter soon.

music is a powerful force

I first learned about fruity loops around ten year ago. My nephew, who is an aspiring singer and songwriter, used the program to compose songs on a home computer. I was very impressed with the program's features and with how easily my nephew, who had no formal music training, was able to create some impressive musical pieces. Since that time, I have watched as the program has added several new features and now is so user friendly that even I can use it.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

certain products

I wonder if having some high end music software could actually help the user to create better musical pieces. I am a little skeptical that the equipment could be nearly as important as the skill-set in the process of making music. However, certain products like Ableton Softwarecan certainly help an artist to improve the quality of his or her creations. I look forward to working with the software to process and improve the quality of my own pieces as I work to get recordings of my daughters

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Water is very nice at Myrtle Beach

We finally home from Myrtle Beach. I have so much fun meeting all my husband cousins' the side from his mother. Anyhow, a day before one of my cousin's in-law living going to Bahamas, My mother in-law decided to get everybody at pool and have a barbeque. So were having great times at the pool swimming talking to cousins. And all of the sudden my husband came to me and said that his step grandmother opened his camera bag and said to him that oh! I thought that was her bag and my husband said to her no that is my camera bag. Moreover, she said okay you have a lot of money there can I have twenty dollars. I forgot to ask if he give her twenty dollars. When we come back to our room, where we stayed he just figure it out that his eyeglass was not in his camera bag. Therefore, we start searching and asking if somebody sees his eyeglasses. However, none of them saw my husband eyeglass. My husband aunty said that his step grandmother is getting paranoid she is having a mental condition. Therefore, when we go home yesterday I was the one driving my husband cold not relax while me driving. Oh! I feel so nervous driving with the speed limit 70. In my experience, driving with the speed limit 70 mph it is harder for to control the truck especially downhill I am swinging. Oh, boy I am nervous driving after 60 miles before home my husband said (full over). Therefore, my husband drove and I am glad because the traffic begins.